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modern slavery

The business case for addressing modern slavery in supply chains

By Consumer Trust, Supply Chain Risk Management, Supply Chain Transparency

October 18 is Anti-Slavery Day. Despite its origins in the United Kingdom, this date serves as a global reminder of the importance of combating all forms of modern slavery. Businesses and their supply chains are extremely implicated in the fight against modern slavery. Unfortunately, human rights violations can be found…

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5 Fundamental Guidelines for Product Sustainability Claims

By Consumer Trust, Supply Chain Transparency

Earlier this year, the United Nations Environment Programme published its “Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information to Consumers” to provide guidance to the entire consumer packaged goods industry on the best way to share sustainability information with shoppers. We discuss the 5 Funamental Principles and how Transparency-One can help.

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Uncle Ben's video

Scan and Discover!

By Consumer Trust, Food, Supply Chain Transparency

Consumers in France can now use augmented reality to learn about the origins of their basmati rice. By using the Blippar app to scan the back of a packet of Mars’s Uncle Ben’s basmati rice, available in all grocery stores in France, they can discover how their rice made the journey from farm to fork and learn about the sustainability commitments made by the farmers who grew it.

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Carrefour video

Carrefour, Transparency-One, and SGS launch Visual Trust in Beijing

By Consumer Trust, Food, Supply Chain Transparency

Carrefour, Transparency-One, and SGS launched the Visual Trust initiative during the Beijing National Food Safety Week , July 1st, in presence of media, other large retailers and Chinese authorities. Visual Trust is an end-to-end digital solution, allowing Chinese shoppers to check the quality and origins of their purchases, by scanning…

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