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Building a responsible sourcing network

By Collaboration, Responsible Sourcing, Supply Chain Transparency

Today, the need for supply chain transparency to ensure safe, sustainable, and responsibly sourced products is a given across many industries. Consumers, governments, investors, and employees alike expect companies to prioritize sustainable practices to build a better future. Sustainability and responsible sourcing are key business drivers. But this was not…

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The fundamentals of effective supply chain communication

By Collaboration, Supply Chain Transparency

Effective communication is essential when asking your supply chain to participate in a responsible sourcing program. This truth applies equally to all stakeholders throughout the supply chain: the brands, retailers, and manufacturers who spearhead corporate sustainability and compliance initiatives, as well as their suppliers whose support enables supply chain transparency…

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Ideas into Action: Ensuring Responsible Sourcing for the Future

By Responsible Sourcing

A more sustainable future starts with action today—but the process of developing a successful sustainability initiative is uncharted territory for many. How can organizations translate big-picture sustainability goals into concrete programs? What real and specific actions can organizations take to develop more sustainable and ethical supply chains? We see this as a three-step process.

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