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Uncle Ben’s Uses Augmented Reality to Demonstrate its Commitment to Sustainability

Today’s consumers care more than ever about the origins of the food they eat. Who grew it? Where did it come from? Was it sourced ethically and sustainably?

Consumers in France can now use augmented reality to learn about the origins of their basmati rice. By using the Blippar app to scan the back of a packet of Mars’s Uncle Ben’s basmati rice, available in all grocery stores in France, they can discover how their rice made the journey from farm to fork and learn about the sustainability commitments made by the farmers who grew it.

Users are presented with an infographic that showcases Mars’s commitment to producing sustainable rice, as well as recipe ideas and links to complementary products.

As rice is the most consumed food in the world, Uncle Ben’s chose it to roll out its new technology, starting with its basmati.

End-to-end supply chain transparency comes from a partnership between Blippar, Transparency-One and SGS. The smart packaging is powered by Blippar’s augmented reality technology and Transparency-One’s real-time supply chain data. Supplier certification data is collected and verified by SGS.

To discover the Uncle Ben’s digital rice supply chain, scan the flyer to discover the French experience.

Scan the Uncle Ben's flyer

Visual Trust: Discovering the Digital Rice Supply Chain

The Transparency-One platform maps the entire supply chain and visualizes this data. SGS collects and verifies supply chain data to ensure accuracy. Blippar, the leading tech company specializing in augmented reality and computer vision, puts this information directly into the hands of the consumer via its app. The three companies have formed a partnership to provide end-to-end supply chain transparency.

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