Tattoos for transparency: innovations in consumer communication

By | Food, Supply Chain Transparency

Researchers at Rice University have discovered a way to convert the outer layer of food into graphene, creating an edible barcode “tattoo.” This technology, which can be applied to any substance with a high level of lignin, such as potatoes and carrots or even wood and fiber, has significant implications for how product information is communicated to consumers.

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Transparency-One is named a 2018 Cool Vendor in Corporate Social Responsibility Across the Supply Chain by Gartner

By | Press Releases

Transparency-One has been named a Cool Vendor in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Across the Supply Chain by top technology research firm Gartner, Inc. According to the report, available here, “Supply chain leaders responsible for corporate social responsibility initiatives can now explore a new wave of technology solutions that helps companies enable, optimize and engage stakeholders across diverse social and environmental initiatives.”

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5 Fundamental Guidelines for Product Sustainability Claims

By | Consumer Trust, Supply Chain Transparency

Earlier this year, the United Nations Environment Programme published its “Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information to Consumers” to provide guidance to the entire consumer packaged goods industry on the best way to share sustainability information with shoppers. We discuss the 5 Funamental Principles and how Transparency-One can help.

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