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The Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

Consumers want products that are safe, sustainable, and responsibly sourced.

When making a purchase, consumers want to know where it was made, how it was made, and its impact on people and the planet. To deliver on these expectations and secure consumer trust, modern businesses must ensure their supply chains are transparent, connected, and compliant with consumer values.

Responsible sourcing requires collaboration with suppliers and among internal teams. It requires collecting and monitoring vast amounts of data to identify risks and assess compliance. In-depth and comprehensive supply chain knowledge is crucial to ensure products are safe, sustainable, and responsibly-sourced—from raw material to finished good.

Responsible sourcing is how successful businesses do business. Transparency-One arms you with the tools, data, and insights you need to provide consumers with the ethical products they value.

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Our Mission

Our passion is to partner with the network of companies supporting the world’s consumer product supply chain to create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world for consumers.

Our Team

Our team is passionate about solving big problems. We’ve brought together consumer products and supply chain expertise with cutting edge technology. We’re building for the world’s biggest brands and the smallest farms.


Alex Bowles
Senior Manager - Buyer Development
Alex BowlesSenior Manager - Buyer Development
Alex Stoiljkovic
Senior Associate - Supplier Development
Alex StoiljkovicSenior Associate - Supplier Development
Amanda Mendenhall
Senior Account Manager - Buyer Development
Amanda MendenhallSenior Account Manager - Buyer Development
Bella Zhu
Associate - Supplier
Bella ZhuAssociate - Supplier
Chris Laverde
Senior Team Lead - Supplier Development
Chris LaverdeSenior Team Lead - Supplier Development
Chris Morrison
Senior Managing Director
Chris MorrisonSenior Managing Director
Cori McDonald
Senior Associate - Supplier Development
Cori McDonaldSenior Associate - Supplier Development
Delphine Masson
Account Executive - Buyer Development
Delphine MassonAccount Executive - Buyer Development
Erin Barnes
Account Rep - Buyer Development
Erin BarnesAccount Rep - Buyer Development
Frederic Daniel
Managing Director
Frederic DanielManaging Director
Jacques Courtes
Senior Account Rep - Buyer Development
Jacques CourtesSenior Account Rep - Buyer Development
Kala Hanson
Manager - Buyer Development
Kala HansonManager - Buyer Development
Léonard Fournier
Senior Account Manager - Supplier Development
Léonard FournierSenior Account Manager - Supplier Development
Margaux Faguer
Associate - Supplier Development
Margaux FaguerAssociate - Supplier Development
Nicola Mackenzie Dodds
Account Manager - Buyer Development
Nicola Mackenzie DoddsAccount Manager - Buyer Development
Nikki Griffin
Senior Account Rep - Buyer Development
Nikki GriffinSenior Account Rep - Buyer Development
Rachel Serio
Senior Associate - Supplier Development
Rachel SerioSenior Associate - Supplier Development
Salomé Mirigay
Senior Group Supervisor - Buyer Development
Salomé MirigaySenior Group Supervisor - Buyer Development
T.J. La Salle
Technical Lead
T.J. La SalleTechnical Lead

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