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The Technology Behind the Network

Achieve Supply Chain Transparency

The extended supply chain is the next transformation in consumer industries. Join the network to connect with and map supply chains and ensure you are working with partners willing to join you in achieving full traceability and transparency.

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Monitor Supply Chain Social and Environmental Risks

View KPIs for social compliance, product risk, supply chain resilience and exposure from source to store. Verify and request certifications to increase product safety and reduce liability.

Proactively Support Supply Chain Traceability Regulations

Get insight into point of origin, component, and supplier data. Identify allergens among the entire supply chain. Verify up-to-date certifications that apply to your product.

Manage Responsible Sourcing Standards in the Supply Chain

Discover your supply chain suppliers from source to store. Communicate effectively and securely with all of those partners. Share and store information within your entire network.

Transparency-One Application

Transparency-One helps proactively manage risk by making it easy to track, manage and maintain information. The app simplifies a complicated network with a complete set of dashboards that connect facilities with products, including indirect suppliers throughout every level.

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Key Attributes

Onboarding Services

A team of experts will onboard your suppliers step by step to ensure faster adoption of the solution.

Graph Network

A complex supply chain can now be connected in its entirety with graph network technology.

Big Data

Save and search all of the information and documents related to your supply chain and your products.

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