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Four emerging challenges for food businesses — and how to address them

By Food, Supply Chain Transparency

In 2019 and beyond, the food industry is sure to undergo a radical transformation. To succeed in these changing times, food businesses must observe the market and evolve accordingly. How do food businesses, both new and old, navigate these challenges? What changes should you expect, and how should you prepare to face these challenges both now and in the future?

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Do you really need blockchain?

By Blockchain, Supply Chain Transparency

As with any major trend, it is important to carefully evaluate whether it is truly right for you and your business. Today’s businesses need to know where their products are coming from and who they are working with. But rather than assuming blockchain will answer these questions, businesses should work in reverse: first, find an effective solution to achieve supply chain transparency, then see how blockchain can be implemented for greater value.

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The business case for addressing modern slavery in supply chains

By Consumer Trust, Supply Chain Risk Management, Supply Chain Transparency

October 18 is Anti-Slavery Day. Despite its origins in the United Kingdom, this date serves as a global reminder of the importance of combating all forms of modern slavery. Businesses and their supply chains are extremely implicated in the fight against modern slavery. Unfortunately, human rights violations can be found…

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