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BOSTON, Sept. 9, 2021 — Danone, the leading multi-local food and beverage company, has chosen Transparency-One, the platform for responsible sourcing, to support the growth of its Regenerative Agriculture program.

Transparency-One will help accelerate Danone’s efforts in two key ways:

  • Help Danone identify new opportunities to implement regenerative agriculture practices in its partner farms, by increasing transparency into the company’s multi-tier supply chains across product categories
  • Support the expansion of Danone’s Regenerative Agriculture program worldwide, by facilitating the collection, management, and analysis of vast amounts of data on farmers’ agricultural practices

The Transparency-One platform uses a cascading supply chain mapping model that links supplier to supplier through all tiers of the supply chain, making the solution uniquely suited to collect data directly from farmers. In addition, SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company and strategic partner of Transparency-One, provides continuous and localized support for suppliers at every level of the supply chain. The combination of Transparency-One’s proven technology and SGS’ dedicated engagement services is a key success factor for responsible sourcing at scale.

As respected leader in sustainability, Danone recognizes the importance of responsible sourcing for consumers and has long taken a proactive approach towards building a healthier future. “Danone is committed to growing food in a way that regenerates natural ecosystems and strengthens the well-being of farmers, livestock, local communities and consumers. Supply chain transparency is essential to accelerate the regenerative agriculture movement worldwide,” said Mickael Baud, Transparency & Traceability Transformation Program Director at Danone.

“We are honored to support the growth of Danone’s Regenerative Agriculture program,” said Chris Morrison, CEO at Transparency-One. “Our mission is to help organizations at all levels of the supply chain create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world. We are excited to help Danone further their progress and foster practices for long-term agricultural resilience and sustainability.”

Launched in 2017, Danone’s Regenerative Agriculture program seeks to implement agricultural models that can regenerate the planet and strengthen agricultural resilience. The program rests on three pillars: protecting soil, empowering a new generation of farmers, and promoting animal welfare. To date, Danone has already converted over 150,000 hectares to regenerative agriculture, representing more than 12% of their direct sourcing. For more information on Danone’s Regenerative Agriculture initiative, please visit

About Transparency-One

Transparency-One enables companies to discover, analyze, and monitor all suppliers, components, and facilities in the entire supply chain. Transparency-One combines cutting-edge graph database technology, supply chain expertise, and global supplier onboarding services, in partnership with SGS, to help all supply chain stakeholders reduce business risk. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Paris, France.


KellyAnn Tsai, Director of Marketing

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