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The journey to supply chain traceability

By Food, Supply Chain Risk Management, Supply Chain Transparency, Traceability

While many advances have been made in terms of supply chain traceability, there is still more to be done. As the industry continues to evolve to a point where traceability is easily achieved—for all products, across all tiers, down to the farm—businesses can, in the meantime, work within the current context. We look at how businesses can approach their traceability journey in a way that balances today’s realities with tomorrow’s bold food safety goals.

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Four emerging challenges for food businesses — and how to address them

By Food, Supply Chain Transparency

In 2019 and beyond, the food industry is sure to undergo a radical transformation. To succeed in these changing times, food businesses must observe the market and evolve accordingly. How do food businesses, both new and old, navigate these challenges? What changes should you expect, and how should you prepare to face these challenges both now and in the future?

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