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Internal engagement leads to responsible sourcing at scale

By Collaboration, Responsible Sourcing, Supply Chain Transparency

Responsible sourcing programs cannot occur in a vacuum; they must be incorporated across an entire business to have a real and long-lasting impact. Proving the importance of such programs to departments beyond responsible sourcing or sustainability is key to making meaningful progress towards your organization’s responsible sourcing goals.

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The benefits of supply chain transparency for suppliers

By Collaboration

Discussions around supply chain transparency generally focus on brands and retailers—namely, those who directly interact with consumers and whose reputations are at stake when it comes to commitments for responsible sourcing. However, brands and retailers work with many suppliers who form the backbone of their supply chains. Collaboration with these suppliers is important to ensure brand and retailer supply chains meet commitments for transparency, sustainability, and responsible sourcing. The willingness to be transparent about their supply chains, share data with their clients, and implement responsible practices leads to significant benefits for suppliers both in the immediate and long term.

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