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Looking for some helpful resources in supply chain management? Take a look back at some of our best blog content, sorted by category, to help you and your business understand the changing trends in the consumer goods industry. From critical commodities to supply chain technology, discover best practices for managing modern supply chains.


Supply chain transparency is critical for the food industry. Modern consumers expect more from brands and want to know not just what they’re eating, but also how it was made.

colorSupply chain transparency

It’s one thing to talk about supply chain transparency, it’s another to implement it. The practicalities of achieving supply chain transparency are not always obvious. Learn how to get started.

Textile & apparel

The textile industry is under more pressure to deliver safe, environmentally-friendly, and responsibly produced goods. Discover what companies are doing to create more ethical and transparent supply chains, and how your business can do the same.


Sustainability is a huge driver of supply chain transparency. Many companies have recognized the business case for sustainability and have set ambitious goals to create products that are better for the planet. Greater supply chain visibility is crucial for identifying ways to become more environmentally-friendly.

modern slavery
Modern slavery

More consumers today want to know who made the goods they buy, as well as if they were treated fairly. Governments have also recognized the importance of eliminating modern slavery and have passed regulations in several different countries—making it all the more important for businesses to gain greater visibility into their supply chains.

blockchain bitcoinBlockchain and technology

Technology is an important piece of the transparency puzzle, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the hype. Is blockchain an effective solution? How does technology pave the way for transparency? What features should a solution have to help businesses identify and collaborate with their supply chain partners?

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