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4 dimensions of responsible business

By Consumer Trust, Supply Chain Transparency

In response to consumer demand for more “responsible” products, businesses have made commitments to ensure their supply chains are sustainable and ethical. But these terms have varied interpretations. What does it mean for a business to be “sustainable”? What constitutes “ethical” and “responsible” practices? How do companies interpret these terms differently? Responsible business is a broad term that has several dimensions.

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Sustainability in the supply chain: where do we stand today?

By Current Events, Supply Chain Transparency

In today’s climate, it may seem that sustainability is no longer a business priority. Companies have shifted their focus to respond to both a global health pandemic and a social movement of unprecedented scale. With businesses needing to adjust their supply chains, adapt to dramatic changes in demand, and reassess budgets and internal business practices, where does this leave corporate commitments for more sustainable supply chains?

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Key Takeaways from the Fashion Transparency Index 2020

By Supply Chain Transparency, Textile

The Fashion Transparency Index reviews 250 of the biggest global fashion brands and retailers and ranks them according to how much they disclose about their social and environmental policies, practices, and impacts. This annual report has become a key benchmark in the industry to better understand how major fashion companies are incorporating sustainability, social responsibility, and transparency into their supply chains.

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