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GS1 Transparency-One SGSSGS Transparency-One, which features compatibility with GS1 standards, helps meet the need for collaboration and common language in the food, cosmetic and textile industries, according to GS1 France.


Transparency-One’s cloud-based platform, in partnership with SGS, enables the discovery, analysis and monitoring of all suppliers, components and facilities along entire supply chains. To ensure compatibility with GS1 standards, the platform identifies products with GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and locations with GLN (Global Location Number) to capture and share information between various trading partners, safely and throughout the entire supply chain.

«Faced with increasingly complex ecosystems, the deployment of traceability solutions requires increased collaboration between partners. The adoption of GS1 standards, a global language, streamlines the necessary data sharing with all stakeholders,» said Valérie Mazzoni-Colin, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, GS1 France.

In February 2019 at its Paris headquarters, GS1 assembled representatives from SGS Transparency-One, Digimind and Nestlé France, as well as the President of the Food and Nutrition Commission of the ANIA (National Association of Agribusiness Industries), for a roundtable discussion on how the food industry can best use data to win back consumer trust.

Participants concluded that the use of GS1 helps businesses establish a «common language» for easy collaboration and communication of their adopted rules. With GS1 standards, global companies can identify their unique products, locations and assets throughout their life cycle.

Compatibility with GS1 standards offers the assurance that, for example, an American distributor, a Mexican co-operative and a Chinese manufacturer can use the same platform to collaborate and interpret the data of their partners.

«By adopting GS1 standards, retailers and brand manufacturers can ensure that certificates held by their suppliers, anywhere in the world, comply with regulations and certifications for product safety, social auditing systems and environmental requirements,» said Luc Domissy, Global Sales Manager, SGS Transparency-One. «Our goal is to help distributors and brands fulfill their commitments to customers for the traceability and origin of their products.»

About GS1 France

GS1 is the global, non-profit, neutral, standard organization created by companies to facilitate information exchange and commerce. With more than 42,000 member companies in France, of any size and in any sector and 1.5 million worldwide, GS1 offers a real space of collaboration allowing organizations to define and adopt common rules, standards, which benefit all. They can better sell and digitize their products, automate their transactions, optimize their logistics and improve traceability. It is a common language that streamlines and secures the sharing of information with all their partners and customers all over the world.

About Transparency-One

Transparency-One enables companies to discover, analyze, and monitor all suppliers, components, and facilities in the entire supply chain. Transparency-One combines cutting-edge graph database technology, supply chain expertise, and global supplier onboarding services to help all supply chain stakeholders reduce business risk. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Paris, France.

About SGS

SGS is the global leader in inspection, control, analysis and certification. Recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity, SGS employs more than 97,000 people, and operates a network of more than 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world.

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