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We are living in unprecedented times. While the best thing most of us can do is stay inside and limit contact, many others are needed on the front lines—healthcare workers, food and grocery retail employees, truckers, delivery service providers. These heroes put themselves at immediate risk to save lives and help people get what they need. Without them, millions would go without basic necessities, and even more would undoubtedly lose their lives. You have our appreciation and greatest respect.

The path forward is uncertain, but we will focus day to day on what we can control – how we can help our neighbors, our loved ones, the millions of people who have lost their jobs, and the workers on the front line who continue to risk their lives. Sometimes even a few words can bring happiness and comfort in these difficult times.

Eventually, as we begin to recover, we remain steadfast in our mission to help companies assure their supply chains are resilient to global crises and make it easy to collaborate across global supply chains. But for now, we will continue to support our employees, customers and each other in every way we can. Stay safe.

Chris Morrison
CEO, Transparency-One

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