See what our supply chain network has to say about Transparency-One


“At Cérélia, we strongly believe that the transparency of our supply chains is key to build trust with our clients and consumers. SGS and their partner Transparency-One provide the technology to meet this commitment.”​

Alexandre Guerin
Quality and Environment Director

Delta Pride logo

Delta Pride

“The staff at Transparency-One is knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding. They anticipate our needs and exceed our expectations at every turn.

We are ever grateful to them for helping us tell others our story. The Delta Pride brand of catfish, produced by Consolidated Catfish producers, LLC offers a simple guarantee: Every day fresh! We are proud to provide so many great folks with the world’s tastiest catfish, but even more fortunate to rely on our friends at SGS Transparency-One to help us communicate transparently to our customers and consumers about our supply chain.”

Carolyn Ann Sledge
Marketing/Communication Manager
Delta Pride Catfish

Fructus Meran

“For producers with a very complex supply chain it is today not easy to access the information from all their suppliers related to food safety or sustainability. With the program SGS Transparency-One this is much more accessible for everybody.”

Simon Jaist
Head of Quality Management
Fructus Meran


“At Gandules Inc. S.A.C., we recognize the importance of supply chain transparency as a vital element for the development and growth of our business. SGS Transparency-One is a excellent tool to achieve this goal.”

Antonio Jose Silva Spiers
Quality Chief in Client Services

Jag International Trim

“At Jag International Trim we are fully committed to ensuring transparent, safe, and ethical supply chains. Transparency-One helps us build trust with our customers and support them in achieving their CSR and responsible sourcing goals.”

Yair Shani
Director of Operations/Co-owner
Jag International Trim

Royale Lacroix

“For Royale Lacroix, transparency of our stakeholders with SGS Transparency-One is an essential tool for complete visibility into our supply chains, leading to stronger consumer trust.”

Jérôme Verbeeck
Quality Manager
Royale Lacroix


“My experience with SGS Transparency-One was good. The SGS support and dedication to follow up project is remarkable. I felt immense pleasure to work with you.”

Muhammad Ramzan
Manager Human Resources
Sapphire Textile Mills Limited


“At Sofalip we are fully transparent about the origin of our raw materials. SGS and its technology partner Transparency-One have put in place the tool that enables us to assure our customers and consumers of this transparency.”

Samia Chiriazzulli
Quality, Hygiene, and Safety

Zaber & Zubair

“SGS Transparency-One is the best platform for supply chain mapping and all product identification.”

Md. Mostafa Kamal
Textile Marketing Professional
Zaber & Zubair Accessories Ltd