Transparency-One and SGS allow you to target the issues that are most important to you.

All Transparency-One solutions include supplier platform access, global supplier onboarding support, and pre-built reports to help you achieve your goals.

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Supplier Qualification and Risk Assessment

Qualify suppliers based on a standard or customized self-assessment
  • Send surveys to all or a subset of your suppliers
  • Pre-built reporting dashboards to assess supplier compliance at a glance
  • End-to-end supply chain mapping capabilities to evaluate suppliers at all tiers

Certification Management & Verification

Track industry certifications across all tiers in the supply chain and assure certification validity
  • Target certifications based on supplier activity, products and markets
  • Pre-built reporting dashboards to assess compliance with certifications
  • Over 300 industry certifications in the Transparency-One solution
  • Reminder notifications for expiring certifications
  • Third party data verification through SGS
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Social Responsibility & Labor

Assure labor standards through the supply chain at any level via industry certifications and self-assessments
  • Gather data on labor practices with custom surveys
  • Establish and communicate documentation or certification requirements to suppliers at any level of the supply chain
  • Pre-built reports to identify and address modern slavery risks
  • Identify potential risks to target further action
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Product Quality Assurance

Track quality certifications and audit documents through the complete supply chain
  • Set and communicate certification and documentation requirements for suppliers throughout your supply chain
  • Pre-built reports to assess onboarding progress and compliance
  • Upload SKU-level testing results to reduce potential risks

Sustainable Sourcing

Map complete supply chains to the source and assure sustainability standards at each level
  • Track raw material volumes or individual products for sustainability reporting
  • Establish sustainability requirements and collect relevant data from suppliers at all levels
  • Collect detailed data on sustainability practices through custom surveys

Product Integrity – Chemical Management and Conflict Minerals

Manage all supplier declarations in one place, assure timely completion for regulations and leverage structured data for reporting
  • Create and communicate chemical and conflict mineral requirements to suppliers
  • Onboard suppliers through global onboarding support and training
  • Check smelters’ conformance with Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) standards
  • Use data collected to prepare templates and reports for regulatory compliance

Product Traceability

Track purchase order to batch-lot level detail on specific products to the raw material
  • Track your critical products at batch-lot level for more granular detail
  • Search on specific batches or POs and assess impact on finished goods product
  • Interface with PO and production systems at all levels in the supply chain
  • Leverage mobile applications to provide product information to end consumers

Audit Tracking & Analytics

Track third party audits and consolidate all audit reporting to produce trend analytics and score carding
  • Collect and store audit documentation in a single platform
  • Pre-built reports assess supplier progress and compliance
  • Receive reminders when certifications are about to expire