The Problem We Solve

Do you know who supplies your suppliers?

This is where problems often occur. Fraudulent Components. Unknown Origins. Unsafe Facilities.

  • How can I ensure my whole supply chain has the right certifications?
  • How can I know the country of origin of key components, down to the source?
  • How can I tell which of my products are impacted by a crisis?
  • How can I reduce modern slavery or social responsibility risks?

Transparency means knowing the network of suppliers, components, and facilities in the entire supply chain down to the source. It means understanding the certification compliance, country of origin, and production environment at every stage in the process.

Transparency-One maps the entire supply chain, tracks compliance, and provides analytics to proactively manage business risks. It leads to a reduction in fraud, unsafe facilities, social responsibility risks, and unknown sources. It results in better information, leading to stronger consumer trust.

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Supply Chain Barrier

What We Do

The Transparency-One platform covers a full range of consumer products categories including food, apparel, footwear and general merchandise

Transparency-One supply chain mapping

Supply Chain Mapping

  • Monitor your entire supply chain from source to store
  • Drill down to identify all of your suppliers
  • Search for impacted products based on any product, component, or facility

Compliance Tracking

  • Collect, verify, and manage safety, social, and environmental certifications
  • Track compliance and visibility on sensitive components
  • Define, communicate, and track supplier requirements
  • Send custom surveys to collect additional supplier data
Transparency-One facilities list
Transparency-one business intelligence

Data Analysis (Business Intelligence)

  • Analyze aggregated data through efficient dashboards
  • View custom reports based on your business priorities
  • Assess risks for product safety, social responsibility, natural disaster, and resilience across the entire network

Consumer Trust

  • Unveil your product story from source to store
  • Support product claims and brand values with verified data
  • Differentiate your brand through transparent supply chains
Transparency-One consumer trust



Brand Owners & Retailers

  • Increase consumer confidence and revenue
  • Identify risk to prevent future crises
  • Comply with the growing landscape of regulations
  • Ensure brand CSR values and grow market share
  • Save time managing global supply chains
  • Keep information safe and secure

Supply Chain Members


  • Save time managing global supply chain data and certifications
  • Share information instantly with customers
  • Keep data safe and secure
  • Comply with new and existing regulations
  • Decrease reaction time to crises
  • Identify risk based on business priorities

Third Parties


  • Streamline workflows to save time
  • Identify expiring and expired certifications
  • Connect with multiple clients in a single platform
  • Expand customer base and increase revenue

How We Do It


Onboarding & Services

  • Rely on our digital communications and global call centers to reduce the effort required to grow your network
  • Increase supplier adoption through support and training programs
Supply Chain

Graph Network

  • 100 Million nodes (connection)
  • All types of relationships
  • Queries up to 10x faster than traditional relational software
Supply Chain

Map the Supply Chain

  • Connect with your suppliers to know all your supplier’s suppliers, components and facilities
  • Capture facility certifications & component country of origin